How It Works

Using  our services is as easy as it gets.

1-  Register directly from our website or using one of our associates referral link.
You can create a free account at any time
2-  Invest whatever amount  you feel comfortable with.
You can start as low as $50.00 USD and go up to $50,000.00
3- Weekly earnings.
You will be paid every Friday up to 10% of your investment for 25 or 30 consecutive weeks depending on the amount of your investment.
4- Compound.
If you want to grow your earnings you have the possibility to compound your earnings every week. You can choose to compound either 100% or 50%.
5- Affiliate program
Invite your friends and family and earn more and more. You can add as many associates as you want.

6- Deposits will be open Saturdays, Sundays and early on Monday