My FX Agents is a brand new project that has just started on December 31st 2015.

We are initially registered in the United Kingdom and we have offices there but soon we are going to expand and open more offices in different regions of the world.

Our staff is integrated by a group of trading enthusiasts and crypto currencies experts as well as stock brokers lead by our CEO David Kaberos.

Mr Kaberos is originally from Greece but moved to northern Europe  specifically Norway and from there he moved to the  United Kingdom where he realized trading was his passion.
He later decided to enhanced his knowledge and entered the online world by participating in UDEMY which is a project sponsored by Google and other Silicon Valley companies.
He also studied at the Algorithmic Trader Association where he became an expert in Forex and Future Market Predictions.
My FX Agents is ready to help ordinary people earn a decent amount of money in a relatively short period of time by managing their investments in a secure, risk-free trading environment.
My FX Agents will not let people’s trust down. We are going to grow and build a strong business relationship together where we can both benefit from each other.
See you at the top.